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Results of the survey

The P.E.I. Rocket have released the top three choices for the team's new name. What do you think the new name should be?

  • 5% P.E.I. Confederation
  • 59% P.E.I. Islanders
  • 34% P.E.I. Riptide

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Should teachers who have criminal records be allowed to teach?


Are you just about fed up with winter?


Do you think the e-gaming lawsuit will ever go to trial?


Do you think the courts should have proceeded with five-year-old charges against Peter Mackey, who is charged with stealing a bottle of Powerade?


Nearly half of Canada's local TV stations could be off the air by 2020, the national broadcast regulator was told during hearings recently. Should the CRTC step in to save local TV?

Recent survey

Will the groundhog see his shadow?

  • 44% Yes
  • 56% No

Should the provincial NDP hold a leadership review?

  • 35% Yes, it's time for Mike Redmond to go.
  • 18% No, Mike Redmond is doing a good job.
  • 47% It won't make any difference to the party.

What do you think about the abortion access posters featuring an Anne of Green Gables likeness?

  • 21% It will definitely generate discussion about and attention to the issue.
  • 46% It is in poor taste, Anne is a childhood character and shouldn't be used for this purpose.
  • 33% I am just tired of this debate.

Will you be attending any of the P.E.I. Tankard at the Charlottetown Curling Complex this weekend?

  • 5% Yes
  • 95% No

Do you clean the lint trap and ductwork of your dryer regularly?

  • 31% Yes, I keep both cleaned out.
  • 58% I clean the lint trap regularly, but not the ductwork.
  • 6% I use my clothes line as much as possible.
  • 3% No, I don't even know where the lint trap is.
  • 2% I don't have a dryer.

What do you think of Walmart's decision to charge customers 5 cents for plastic bags?

  • 25% I think it is a good idea. Anything that helps the environment is a good thing.
  • 7% I can see it for groceries, but not for clothing and household items.
  • 55% I think it's terrible. Groceries/clothing/household items already cost enough without charging extra for bags.
  • 13% I could care less either way.

How much of a raise should Charlottetown city councillors get?

  • 17% Cost of living raise.
  • 5% Raises should be based on performance.
  • 78% None, they just got a raise in July 2015.

Has the low value of the loonie curbed your winter vacation or other spending plans?

  • 44% Yes
  • 24% No
  • 32% For me, loonies are scarce

What do you think about Parks Canada's decision to offer free admission to all National Parks in 2017 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Confederation?

  • 35% I think it is a great way to celebrate the anniversary!
  • 11% I don't think it is a good idea, that money is needed for conservation of the parks.
  • 54% I think entrance into the parks should be free all the time.

Is it appropriate to post potentially sensitive comments on business signs?

  • 48% Yes
  • 52% No