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Results of the survey

The city of Charlottetown has created a wish list of $33 million in projects for the capital city, some of which they don't have funding for yet. Which project from our list do you think should take priority? Note, our list includes projects identified by the city and a couple of others we added for discussion.

  • 16% A new fire station.
  • 11% New roundabouts.
  • 10% Spring Park sewer separation.
  • 36% Miltonvale water supply.
  • 12% Eastlink Centre replacement.
  • 11% Cody Banks Arena and Simmons Sports Centre replacement.

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Should schools do more to make sure students eat healthy meals?


Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election?


Should sports teams be required to have politically correct names?


How old is too old to go trick or treating?


How do you interpret the results of the Summerside-Wilmot byelection?

Recent survey

Did you take part in the P.E.I. Marathon?

  • 9% Yes, I ran it or one of the smaller events.
  • 4% Yes, I volunteered or cheered on participants.
  • 56% No, I didn't take part.
  • 31% No, I didn't and I was annoyed by the road closures.

Which option for the upcoming vote on electoral reform do you prefer for P.E.I.?

  • 43% First Past the Post (present system)
  • 27% Mixed Member Proportional
  • 4% First Past the Post Plus Leaders
  • 16% Dual Member Proportional
  • 10% Preferential Voting

Do you think P.E.I. will be hit by a hurricane this season?

  • 13% Yes, a full fledged one.
  • 45% Yes, but just by the tail end of one.
  • 42% No

In light of the miscalculation of the recent storm, do you have any faith in weather forecasts?

  • 23% Yes
  • 36% Some
  • 41% No

What is your reaction to the release of the Trump Tapes?

  • 14% It shouldn't make a difference to the election.
  • 61% He should be removed as the Republican candidate.
  • 25% I don't care.

Now that Thanksgiving is over is it too early to begin thinking about Christmas?

  • 34% Way too early
  • 17% No
  • 49% Wait until after Remembrance Day

What are you most thankful for?

  • 44% Family and friends
  • 26% Health
  • 4% The Blue Jays
  • 20% That Donald Trump isn't a part of Canadian politics
  • 6% I don't celebrate Thanksgiving

Should Walmart charge for plastic shopping bags?

  • 29% Yes
  • 71% No

Has the government done enough to address concerns in the Auditor General's report on E-gaming?

  • 9% Yes
  • 91% No

Do you support Justin Trudeau's mandatory carbon pricing tax?

  • 27% Yes, I am in support of anythig that helps the environment.
  • 73% No, we are already being taxed to death.