Attitude destroying once-proud party

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It's quite amusing to read the latest letters to the editor condemning Olive Crane for her decision to stay on as leader of the official Opposition while stepping down as PC party leader. It appears the very folks who did not want her in the first place are determined to see her go once and for all.

Growing up as a PC member through the ‘50s and ‘60s, I saw some ‘dirty' politics, but have never seen it get this dirty. Since Ms. Crane won the leadership in 2010, the ‘old boys' never stopped. Her political clout was displayed when she won the vote in November with 384 votes to 342. I was happy with the result but knew many in the backroom would push even harder. The old boys fail to realize their ‘puppet' may drive away the supporters Olive has.

The party will go nowhere with all this infighting and as long as the knives of the ‘old boys' are glistening, the party will continue to sink. It's important the person who leads the party into the next election is someone who isn't associated with the old backroom. It's also important that it be someone who understands the struggles and needs of everyday Islanders and is not just a lawyer or consultant in Charlottetown. Finally, it's important the next leader has the courage and determination to stand up to the Harper Conservatives. The Island PCs will go nowhere with a leader who is closely tied with the feds.

There used to be a time in politics when politicians worked for the people. They were individuals who had personal experiences in their communities and had worked through similar hardships that those they represent experience. Nowadays, it just seems like it is a place for the rich and elite to bang their chests and for those who were born with a silver spoon to get their paycheques.

Olive Crane cares for all Islanders and not just the elite and it is unfortunate the entitlement attitude of the old boys is destroying a once-proud party.

Melvin Reeves,


Organizations: Harper Conservatives, Island PCs

Geographic location: Charlottetown, Kensington

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