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My reading of the Island political landscape is that the dissatisfaction with the Liberal government is so great that they ought to be heading for a drubbing in the next provincial election. But the latest polls show that the Progressive Conservatives, far from being able to exploit the situation, are actually losing support.

The blame primarily must fall on their leader and so she has resigned. However, many remember the unprecedented arrogance and disdain for democratic process displayed by the Binns government, and this may be a factor in forestalling a rush to the PCs.

Voters concerned about the abuse of power by parties with majorities will be forced to choose between the NDP or the Green Party. The likelihood of either of those parties electing a member is greatly diminished by vote splitting between them.

They could agree not to run candidates against each other in specific ridings or, more radically, merge. They won't. They are handcuffed by the same mentality as the corporate entities that they often find themselves in opposition to, namely: loyalty to the organization, fear of change and an inability to grasp what is ultimately best for society.

It is unfortunate because if they did co-operate in defiance of their federal overseers, they would be sending a message across the country that people are prepared to take matters into their own hands in order to accomplish what is needed. Further, it would serve as a template for what must happen at the federal level in order to get rid of Harper.

If Justin Trudeau prevails in the federal Liberal leadership race, and wants to emulate his father in terms of brilliance and daring, upon election he would pay Thomas Mulcair a visit and have a very serious conversation about the futures of both their parties.

Locally, the Green Party and NDP should consider their responsibility to unite, rather than divide, the opposition to the elites that run the province. At the very minimum, they should co-operate to help elect their respective leaders.

Michael Pagé,


Organizations: NDP, Green Party, Progressive Conservatives

Geographic location: Iceland

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