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This government knows no end to how far they will go to spend the taxpayers’ dollars in pursuing their own end.

Their conduct in providing untold millions to corporations without the need, in their view, to explain their conduct was shameless enough. To pay legal fees of in excess of $256,000, however, out of the taxpayers’ pockets to keep the public from knowing who the money was given to, is beyond belief.

With everything that has gone on regarding the PNP initiative and the objections of Islanders to companies receiving what seemingly amounted to gifts of $40,000 or more without any requirement to pay back these monies, or at least the interest, there is a major question that has not been given due consideration.

Over the last several years, I have heard questions raised about the legal fees associated with PNP applicants and estimates ranging up to $50,000 per applicant to take advantage of this program. I would be the first to state that I have no idea how much was paid to Island law firms to process such applications but even at a fraction of these estimates, these fees would have amounted to millions of dollars. This being the case, legal fees in excess of $256,000, on top of millions of dollars for applicant charges, is adding insult to injury.

Having said this, I would like the government to answer the following questions:

1) How many PNP applications were there over the life of the program? 2) What law firms handled these applications? and 3) How many applications were handled by each of the firms?

In all my adult life I have never encountered a government in Canada, or for that matter in the western world, more bent in pursuing their own interests without regard for the interests of most taxpayers. I seriously wonder if government politicians comprehend what democracy means anymore.

My last question is, “Do you, the people, believe that we will ever again have political representatives who will truly foster the interests of the population and not just their political allies?”

Dennis O’Brien,


Geographic location: Iceland, Canada

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