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Remembrance Day is coming up again Nov. 11, 2012. I think often of the sacrifices made by these brave veterans who gave us and defended our freedom, which we have today.

Let us also remember and not forget ‘freedom is not free', as many of these brave veterans gave their lives defending it. They paid with their lives on ships, planes, and combat on land. The ones that were fortunate enough to make it home after the First and Second World Wars had horrible wounds and memories for many years afterwards.

British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and the British Navy deserve much credit and respect in the sinking of the great German Battleship Bismarck in 1942 before it had a chance to destroy the Merchant Navy convoys in the Atlantic. My own father served all through the Second World War on both British and Canadian Merchant ships in convoys, some of which were sunk by enemy action.

Today I see a fundamental change in the way the provincial and federal governments seem to be eroding the basic freedoms and democracy that these brave veterans risked their lives to defend and protect.

It seemed that this year on P.E.I. the Liberal Ghiz government insulted and dictated to all Islanders and veterans and their families without shame. It carried out its agendas and projects, such as the Plan B highway, HST, and other projects that really seemed to be against the will of the people of this Island, and, it seems, with the help of Harpers' Conservatives of the other political stripe.

On this Remembrance Day, all sons, daughters, and grandchildren of veterans should reflect on the Second World War and remember what our veterans stood for on Nov. 11 in their memory, and that was freedom and the will of the people.

Lloyd W. Pickering,


Organizations: First and Second World Wars, British Navy, Islanders

Geographic location: Atlantic, Kensington

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