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When it comes to the controversial Plan B project, what astonishes me is that the Ghiz government is saying that this project will be a good thing for Islanders, which is proof that no research was done on the property prior to its approval.

If government had taken the effort to sit down and go over the blueprint of this project, it would have seen that Plan B would not help us at all. In fact, it would make the road more dangerous than safer.

Anyone with knowledge of this stretch of highway would agree that straightening this highway will make speeders go faster.

If the government slowed down and did this project the proper way - by doing homework, by listening to the residents that live at the Plan B site - it would learn that the Trans-Canada Highway is full of lead-foot drivers and is very dangerous.

Plan B would turn this road into P.E.I.'s version of the Autobahn in Europe, which is the last thing Islanders need - a death trap. The government proves how irresponsible it is by throwing millions of taxpayers' money into something that was never researched, then basically saying "talk to the hand'' to the people who travel and live on the site, who know this stretch of highway inside out. They are trying to help government by explaining that this is a bad idea. Plan B, when done, will be the complete opposite of what it's trying to accomplish. They are doing this to help them, not to be annoying.

A proper government would listen to these people and look into what they're saying and then say "thank you for your input," instead of basically saying "harp all you want - we don't care what you say" and going full boar into this project, whether they like it or it not. That's very inappropriate and wrong.

Evan Larter,



Organizations: Islanders, Trans-Canada Highway

Geographic location: P.E.I., Europe, Charlottetown

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