Government digging a deeper hole

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The old saying, "my mind is made up, don't bother me with the facts" is often referred to by pundits when describing individuals with entrenched views and who are unwilling to consider other opinions regardless of opposition.

Sort of like our present government's stand on Plan B, eh?

All of the opposing views expressed through letters, rallies, protests, etc. seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The façade of an environmental assessment having anything to do with the outcome is quite a stretch. We Islanders can identify a ‘done deal' when it is stogged down our throats. To press on regardless, in the face of so much citizen opposition, goes beyond arrogance and really borders on stupidity.

The Ghiz government seems hell-bent on digging a deeper hole; many of its unpopular decisions and projects have been mentioned in numerous letters in this forum and need not be repeated here.

Suffice to say that it would take a full one-eighty very soon in order to thwart a wipeout in the next election.

John Bradley,

St. Patrick's Road

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