Plan B: who stands to gain?

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 After months of feedback, the Ghiz government is still determined to go ahead with a Plan B that a vast majority of Islanders do not want. We now have an environmental assessment that does not address 10,000 truckloads of shale. If you want to get an idea of what that does to the landscape, I invite you to take a tour of our community. Old gravel pits off the back roads of Caledonia look like a moonscape. Decades later the land has not recovered.

I cannot understand why the Ghiz government is so bull-headed. This is a democracy. Ghiz is taking his cue from the Harper regime. The public expect their views and wishes to be honoured. Who will vote for the Liberals after this?

Yes, perhaps you can argue that that section of road presents some hazards. Again I invite you to our community. Route 24 is possibly the worst road on the Island. There are many dangerous roads on P.E.I.

The question I ask myself repeatedly is who will gain from Plan B? Some friends of the government must stand to make a pile of money, otherwise our elected officials would be listening to the people they were elected to serve.

I am fed up with a national and now a provincial government that behaves like a gang of thugs only serving their inner circle with no regard for burgeoning debts and an environment in crisis.

Teresa Doyle,


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