Where’s the Turnip Truck?

Updated at 09:32 - Editor: It is not about wages, Erin McGrath-Gaudet (Canadian Federation of Independent Business). Are you serious?

Many victims in Middle East

Updated at 09:30 - Editor: I would like to suggest that Steven Harper, John Baird and Jackson Doughary read  “The Great War for Civilisation, The...

Driver’s handbook is good reading

Updated at 09:12 - Editor: With regard to bumper-to-bumper traffic heading out on University Avenue in Charlottetown, as raised in a letter to you a...

Rules help you and all society

Updated at 09:27 - Editor: I find I am interested in letters from the ‘You Can’t Tell Me What To Do Club’ regarding not wearing bike helmets.

Real issue here psychological harm

Updated on July 23, 2014 - Editor: Re: “Post-abortion harms due to intolerance”, Malcolm Murray, Stratford. Murray states, “Any psychological harm to women...

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