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Top of the list for impaired driving, cancer deaths, unemployment, fetal alcohol births and now animal abuse. Gentle Island? Really? For every animal abuse reported, 10 or more are never reported and for such a small population that amount of abuse is unacceptable.

Since moving here three years ago, I've heard about the dogs shot, drowned, kicked to death, shot with an arrow; fox killed by snowmobile; cats locked up in house and a cat found with a snare wire around its stomach left to die a slow and painful death; the mink and fox farms and the horrid way they die; and all the animals killed by hunters and trappers. Also there are the beavers killed yearly by the Wildlife Department even though there is an inexpensive easy solution to save them.

None of these animals die for food or clothing - they die needlessly. Kill it, problem solved. Animals here do not have a chance.

I cannot get the pictures out of my head of the beautiful gentle seals slaughtered - not for food but only because they existed. Someone methodically smashed in the heads of the little pups and their mothers - such cruelty is beyond words. Suffice it to say, I hope the perpetrators are jailed for a long time. Now that the seals are dead, who will these abusers pick on next - their dog, child, partner?

I do not want to see pictures of a dead coyote on the front page of The Guardian or see a picture of a dead mink and how to skin it - we should not glorify or give credence to stories like that. Children seeing and hearing about how easy it is to kill an animal grow up thinking it is normal.

Animals cannot speak for themselves so it is up to the justice system to see that these abusers get the full extent of the law and up to us to report it and do what we can to help and protect all living creatures. If we cannot show compassion for an innocent animal, what does that say about us?

Peggy Ruge,


Organizations: Wildlife Department, The Guardian

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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