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Very few people can stomach the thought of 50 baby and mother seals being clubbed with a blunt instrument and left to die on our beach. Some of the babies still had milk in their stomach. Some did not die fast but slowly froze to death. I imagine they were clubbed multiple times because it's difficult to kill a sentient being that wants to live. I imagine with no defence and the inability to run away, it was correctly called a massacre.

Yet no one has come forward with information on who did this despicable act of cowardice. The Humane International Society of Canada has increased the reward to $5,000. I wonder if the tight-lipped community of fishermen know who did  this but will not turn over one of their own. I've also heard the silly notion that animal rights organizations paid someone to do this to make money.

P.E.I. has never made an income from the seal hunt. Whatever motivated these people had a warped view of the fisheries and some perceived injustice done to them. Lobster was plentiful this year but prices were low. I don't think seals had anything to do with that.

When we resort to violence against our wildlife, we become a province that has lost touch with nature and any compassion we have left. There was a colony of seals on the beach that were carving out their little niche to give birth and nurture their young. Now they are gone. We will not forget until those responsible are brought to justice.

Brenda Armour,


Organizations: Humane International Society of Canada

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