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Abortion, why? On P.E.I.

In every age and in many nations situations arise to make certain things 'legal' that are not right. China's 'one child policy', the genocide in Rwanda, the killing of millions in Cambodia under Pol Pot, the atrocities of Nazi Germany, and abortion here in Canada.

Is abortion really different from those other forms of forced death? Do we just change the language and turn our heads from seeing the truth to promote and advocate such pain and suffering for women and innocent children?

When a woman miscarries she says she lost her baby, not her 'fetus' or 'blob of tissue'.

Such women know it is a baby, and so do the abortion advocates and activists. They know and yet they push for death, pain, and suffering. Science has proven that the child in the womb feels

pain, and the stories of thousands of women who suffer 'post abortion' syndrome attest to the fact that the women too, suffer. Is it compassion that drives these activists to cry out for the 'legal' right to abortion here on our Island? I think not.

Do we need this on our Island, even though it is in ever other province? I think not.

Let us rise up as people of common sense and true compassion and help both mother and child. For those who need such help there is 'Birthright' in Charlottetown, and they can be reached Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 4 p.m., at 902-892-6028, or 866-968-6028.

Bruce A. Arsenault,


Geographic location: China, Rwanda, Cambodia Nazi Germany Canada.Is Charlottetown

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