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Five hundred years ago the planet was flat. This was our reality, until we looked at the evidence in front of us and changed our beliefs. History teaches us that reality is fluid; as empirical evidence builds, the beliefs of one day are replaced by the beliefs of a new day.

 Decades ago we believed business people in leadership roles was the smartest strategy for society, but can anyone say that now based on the evidence of the last 20 or 30 years?

One income used to support a home. Now the majority can just barely get by with two incomes. The average Canadian family is not increasing its wealth, but its debt burden, and this is only one fact of dozens, all as large.

 Many years ago we believed in the integrity of our media institutions, but on a weekly basis we watch stories on TV, or see stories written in the paper, which many of us know are absolute falsehoods. I doubt this is a result of some intended deceit, but an obvious lacking of diligence. Without diligence, the media is reliant on the honesty of the storyteller and this is P.E.I., everyone knows who doesn't make that grade.

We used to believe in the efforts on our behalf provincially of our ruling two political parties. Yet our last two ruling parties have accomplished little other then end their reigns in scandal and shame.

 The planet was flat and then we changed our beliefs. P.E.I. is at an unsustainable economic turn  and efforts by both political parties the last 10 years have only amplified this downturn. We talk of it in coffee shops, we wrestle with it in our homes in monthly bills and we sit silently and think we will elect someone new, they will be different leaders.

 The problem with this is we have not changed our beliefs, our reality. Until we do so we areonly limiting future generations abilities to live here. We are only helping aid our own downfall as a sustainable province. The problem is not unsolvable, but the same means that created the problem are surely not going to be part of the solution.

Armond Naninni,


Geographic location: Charlottetown

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