Obama doesn't stand for choice

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So, Americans just re-elected President Obama and in most homes across Canada the emotions range from jubilation to indifference. In my home, however, there's frustration and some tears. Maybe that is because I am married to an American and this election hits closer to home than some, or because I work for an American company that is in the midst of a lawsuit against the president and his Human and Health Services mandate, but more likely it is because this president represents something truly flawed in our world, a lack of respect for human life.

Obama is unabashedly the most pro-abortion president ever. I use the term pro-abortion and not pro-choice, not simply as an inflammatory phrase, but because his intentions, mandates and bills all suggest it to be true. His record speaks for itself, voting in favour of partial birth abortion, voting against notifying parents of children seeking abortions (even though their child was technically raped), voted against protecting liveborn children and children born alive during a failed abortion. He has forced companies and religious organizations, under the threat of severe fines that would shut most of these organizations down, to provide insurance plans that violate their most basic of beliefs. According to Planned Parenthood, the president has voted 100 per cent of the time in favour of initiatives sponsored by them. (This relationship has "defined his presidency", his words.) The first thing he did as president was to force taxpayers to fund abortions outside of the U.S., then to back that claim up, he sent $450 million to Planned Parenthood in Mexico. Even his famous Obamacare is forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions, requiring a monthly ‘abortion fee'. Very little of what Obama purports has to do with ‘choice'.

You might be asking, "Why bring this old debate up again and why now?" I have said to many people I love who just don't get it: "If our leaders don't respect the most innocent and vulnerable under their watch, what makes you think they will respect the rest of us?"

Brady Grant,

founder of St. Gianna's Youth for Life,


Organizations: Human and Health Services

Geographic location: Canada, U.S., Mexico Charlottetown

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