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Re Plan B:

I do not have anything new to add to those who have spoken eloquently, scientifically, environmentally, and in every other way against the idea of highway realignment in the Bonshaw/Churchill/Strathgartney area.

But I am adding my voice and stories and speaking out against it with all the strength I have. I did write a short letter to The Guardian - which said the money would be better spent in paving shoulders on roads connecting with the Confederation Trail as we, as an Island and tourist destination, promote bicycling and the trail, but it is often unsafe to get on and off of it.

As far as I see, the realignment would aid drunk drivers and

speeders as the road travelled correctly is easy to drive. I drive a lot and travel to New Brunswick from eastern P.E.I. once a month, year round. In 35 years, the only problem I have had on that stretch of road was a car of young men who tried to play games with me - going very slow in front of me and

when I finally got away from them they sped up and glued their car's front end to the back of my car. They were waving beer bottles at me.

This is a road hazard for sure but not one helped at all by the proposed project.

As a long distant cyclist, I have travelled across North America and remember with fondness the places with paved shoulders. As a cyclist on P.E.I., I try to remember which roads do not have gaping pot holes so I can avoid those areas. If the parameters of the federal dollars are safety issues, you do not have to look very far - every road on P.E.I. needs either a paved shoulder or paving.

Skip the desecration, the environmental change and the "doing it for safety" line. We need more trees, not fewer, more special natural areas, not fewer, and we need less ‘lines' and more real help.

Those of us expressing our views, and even those who are not vocal, vote and I know my next vote will not go to the party that promotes such as this.

Ruth Richman,

De Gros Marsh

Organizations: Churchill, Confederation Trail

Geographic location: Bonshaw, New Brunswick, Eastern P.E.I. North America

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