Spending millions where it's not needed

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I always thought the government was elected by the people of the Island to work for and listen to the Island folks. Now regarding Plan B, this does not seem to be the case. The millions government is planning on spending on this is terrible.

If these bunch of elected people only knew the Island and its people, they would know where to spend it, and would get a thanks for it. But as it seems, all they like doing is favours for their friends, never listening to the Islanders.

Remember before the election when they were blabbering on about all the good they would do? I know I am only a statistic to them, but they can add a minus mark to their voter's list.

It's too bad our government is not aware of how deep the Island is in debt, and it's going to spend all these millions on something that's not wanted.

Lowell Nicholson,


Geographic location: Iceland, Charlottetown

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