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I am the parent of a 26-year-old who is a dialysis patient and very lucky to live close to Charlottetown so we don't have to worry about the closing of this unit and driving long distances to receive the care she needs to stay alive.

Premier Ghiz and members of cabinet: I hope you never have to see a loved one go through this dialysis procedure and see the fatigue, nausea and inability to even function some days that some of these dialysis patients go through. To think that you are even contemplating closing the Souris and Alberton clinics is unbelievable to me. These patients depend on life-support equipment and you are thinking of closing some units and making these patients drive long distances for this life support. I ask: where is your compassion? Please, for the sake of everyone involved, reverse this decision once and for all.

We can't forget all the seasonally employed Islanders that you never hired back this year, especially on the roads, and never gave them fair warning or time to even find other work. Shame, shame.

Then, there's the famous HST, the very thing we were supposed to never have on P.E.I., and now, come 2013, we will be slammed with this. How dare you? We pay enough taxes now and I'm sure I can speak for many Islanders and say we totally oppose this HST.

I can't wait for the next election. We never forgot the 7.5 per cent rollback and what happened to that government in power when an election came about. We won't forget all the pain, suffering and turmoil this government has caused us Islanders even if it is a few years down the road. I, for one, look forward to that day.

Joan Peters,

Hunter River

Geographic location: Charlottetown, Hunter River

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