LETTER: Irish struggles, even on St. Patrick’s Day

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As we near another Saint Patrick's Day, I sincerely hope that newspapers can find something a little more intelligent than a barmaid holding a pint of green beer to adorn their front pages.

There seems always to be two opinions expressed about Saint Patrick’s Day. One, it’s great to wear the green and to celebrate our Irish heritage. The other is, unfortunately, more likely to portray the Irish as being fond of the drink. It seems too many consider the March 17th as an opportunity to spend the whole day drinking beer, (green).

It’s stereotyping and offensive. I doubt you will find many with a real Irish heritage and pride in the pubs drinking green beer.

As a nation Ireland has struggled more than most, yet its people have spread their knowledge and charm in books, music and theatre throughout the world. The Irish didn’t keep slaves, but they were slaves. They never came as conquerors, but know what it’s like to be conquered. They have never imposed their beliefs on others, but have added greatly to the civilized world.

Something you might think about on the 17th if you decide to wear the green. I wish you all a safe and happy Saint Patrick's Day.

F. Ben Rodgers

Abram Village

Geographic location: Ireland

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Recent comments

  • Cromwell
    March 08, 2016 - 22:07

    Celebration of St, Patrick, (himself a Welshman, enslaved by Irish pirates), on March 17, seems to reflect the local culture. In the Irish Republic, St. Patrick's Day is a sombre religious occasion for the faithful, in Northern Ireland (or Ulster) it is largely ignored, but in North America, St. Patrick appears to be the Patron Saint of Drunks, and any religious significance has been long replaced by imbibing copious quantities of alcohol. I still wonder why of the four 'home nations', only the national day of Ireland is recognised, while St. David's Day (Patron Saint of Wales -March 1), St. George's Day (Patron Saint of England - April 23) and St. Andrews Day (Patron Saint of Scotland - November 30) are all ignored. It was the 3 latter countries who formed the bulk of the British forces that secured Canada by defeating French forces, for the final time in 1759, so perhaps this is sufficient justification for national pride.

  • David Griffin
    March 08, 2016 - 19:43

    Well said Ben. All true about Ireland, such an amazing country and finer people you will not meet any where. My father was a Veteran of World War Two and I want to congratulate you on your opinion , about the state of the present Legions and wearing of medals. Everything possible should be done for the Veterans and their families. They are the reason we all live in peace today. Surely after that Fantino nut got voted out, this new Minister, appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau ,will do a fantastic job. He seems very interested and very professional

  • Mike O'Mouse
    March 08, 2016 - 18:07

    Another minority taking it on the chin. After all these years only respect is green beverages.