Electoral process not being rushed

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I'm not sure I agree with Gary MacDougall in his column on March 4 that the electoral reform process is being rushed. The reality is that if electoral reform is to happen at all, it has to be within a single government mandate. That doesn't leave a lot of time, so it's critical not to dawdle.

Electoral reform is in the best interests of all parties. Being wiped out once a decade is poison to institutional stability. That's why the PC's have been such a mess, and it's what the Liberals on their third mandate are staring in the teeth. Reform will get rid of the wild swings.

Personally, I favour the made-in-Canada Dual Member Mixed Proportional (DMP) option. It's pretty easy to understand. You just cast a single vote. It's 100 per cent geographic, without back room party lists, and you get a result that's proportional to how people voted.

You wind up with two MLAs representing your riding. Everyone's vote winds up counting.

Stephen DeGrace,

Charlottetown PE

Geographic location: Canada, Charlottetown

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