Island weather: The need to be safe or the need to make money?

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I read with interest the letter from Ryan Faulds (Toronto snowy winters) and felt compelled to respond. I too am from Mississauga/Toronto and have been on the island for 13 years.

It is a fact that most people in Toronto and area do not have snow tires on their cars. They feel as they don't get much snow so it’s not necessary. In 2012 I had the occasion to go back to Mississauga over the winter months. One morning after having a dump of 15 cm, the radio informed me that there were already over 200 accidents that morning - so needless to say I stayed home even with my snow tires on.

Also having raised my children in Mississauga and Toronto I know from experience that when there is a storm in Toronto and area, the schools remain open yes but the parents have the choice whether to send the kids or not.

The main difference in the two cities is back to basics - the need to be safe or the need to make money? We in P.E.I. prefer the first. Employers here understand about the weather and often make the choice to close for the day so that the employee doesn't have to.

Living in the country and being surrounded by water, I was shocked at the blowing snow and very reduced visibility that comes quite often. It is in our best interest to stay safe and stay off the roads and let the plows do their work if they can.

Another good point that was missed in his article is that we do not have a transit system out in the surrounding areas only cars, so coming to town and work on the Go train or the bus is not an option.

Sandy Fuller,

Mount Stewart

Geographic location: Toronto, Mississauga, P.E.I. Mount Stewart

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