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I’m disappointed the Guardian would post Wes Sheridan’s photo on the front page of the Island newspaper. It surely shows both a dreadful lack of news and poor taste. Sheridan suddenly resigned saying he needed to look after his ailing wife.

But he and his wife are now in Halifax, Sheridan is working for Morneau Shepell — old business partners of his whilst he was the P.E.I. minister of finance. He is apparently providing expertise with the firm’s actuarial pension investments.

I wouldn’t let him within 100 miles of my investments, if I had any.

Next we have Robert Ghiz. He claims he is keeping busy doing some charity work. He claimed he had to leave before his term was up because he needed to spend time with his family.

Now a little birdie tells me he and family have sold and are off to Ottawa where he has a job with a law firm. More likely he wants to be nearby in Ottawa in case Justin throws him a bone.

Both these ex-politicians would have you believe their sudden departure from government, and now more hasty departure from the province, has nothing to do with the e-gaming scandal or the court case about to land at the government’s feet.

This is another example of politicians feeding us a line and thinking we will swallow it. The only positive I can take from this is the fact they are both off the Island.

F. Ben Rodgers,


Geographic location: Halifax, Ottawa

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