Glyphosate cause for concern

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Editor: Through the past winter’s blizzards there has been a parade of experts snowing Islanders with the good news that pesticides don’t hurt the environment and offer little risk.

Speaking with the confidence of statistic, the authority of science and the certainty of propagandist, the experts were far from convincing. Their favourite pesticide was always glyphosate.

Now, to rain on the parade, a panel of 17 scientists working for the International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that there is sufficient evidence to classify glyphosate as a class-2A carcinogen.

One panel member, University of Toronto professor of epidemiology John McLaughlin, said lab tests swayed the decision but since there were no large scale studies on humans, glyphosate couldn't be classified as a class-1 carcinogen.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT has studied the effects of glyphosate on bacterial populations in the human intestine. A video interview of Dr. Seneff by Jeffery Smith on YouTube addresses the connections between gut bacteria, glyphosate, the brain/gut axis, and a GMO diet.

Dr. Seneff has found that glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria biochemistry, thereby creating micro nutrient imbalances which causes some bacteria to produce toxins, plus other gastrointestinal problems.

Dr. Seneff has identified biochemical pathways and mechanism that glyphosate alters for the following diseases: obesity, mood disorders and behaviour problems, immune dysfunction such as multiple sclerosis and gluten intolerance, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and autism.

The lymphatic system and liver must filter glyphosate out once it enters our bloodstream. Pigs fed GMO feed, by definition sprayed with glyphosate, when slaughtered, have enlarged discoloured livers which have a horrible smell.

All the foregoing diseases are unintended consequences of a risky technology out of control with immense cost, especially if you are a casualty. Citing public health, Health Canada must act to protect Canadians.    

Tony Lloyd,

Mount Stewart 

Organizations: International Agency for Research on Cancer, University of Toronto, MIT Health Canada

Geographic location: Mount Stewart

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