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Editor: Mark the weekend of February 20th as the time democracy died on Prince Edward Island and a reign of dictatorship began. A man chosen by a handful of non-elected, back-roomers. He himself non-elected, will be handed the keys to the province. Even the rank and file Liberal membership had no say.

Has no one in the Liberal party the fortitude to stand up against a handful of people who want to maintain their noses in the trough? They know by putting in power one of the ‘old boys’ he’ll continue to feed them. I cannot believe that any political pundits or media people are not screaming this is wrong.

Then again as a Liberal why make waves, sitting under the master’s table at least you might catch the odd crumb or even a bone. I urge all and any Islanders with any self-respect to rid the province of the Liberal gravy train. This present Liberal government has abused its power and put the general public into billions of dollars of debt while filling their own pockets. When is enough enough?

Prince Edward Island will soon officially become a banana republic. What is happening is not covered under our parliamentary system so why are we allowing it to happen. Speak up before all is lost.   

Paul Smitz,

The Island Party

Organizations: Island Party

Geographic location: Prince Edward Island

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