Fish kills in 2013 remain a mystery

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)
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Editor: Thank you for your excellent editorial on August 26th in which you challenge the terrible record of the provincial Liberal government in regard to the withholding of information concerning water pollution issues.

You mention the absence of a report on the North River fish kill from three weeks ago. You point out that the government will not release the locations of groundwater test sites including those that show increased levels of pesticide contamination.

And, you discuss the failure of the Ghiz Liberals to release the information in the government advisory report on the deep water wells.

Your editorial discusses the cosmetic pesticide problem as a municipal issue but falls short of critiquing the Ghiz Liberals in this respect.

In 2010, with Richard Brown as Environment Minister the Liberal government talked about a ban on cosmetic pesticides and then brought in some of the weakest legislation in the country. In the four years since this act of failed leadership the provincial government has continuously avoided responsibility on the cosmetic pesticide issue.

The biggest omission of the editorial is what must be seen as one of the Island’s great mysteries — what caused the fish kills in the Trout River and Mill River in 2013? Thirteen months later the people of Prince County are no better informed or protected today then the people of Queens County are in regard to the North River fish kill of three weeks ago.

Consistently on this vital question of human health — the pollution of our waterways — the Ghiz government has been an absolute failure.

Mike Redmond,

Leader, NDP P.E.I.

Geographic location: North River, Trout River, Mill River Prince Queens

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