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Editor: In my previous letter to the editor (“Confederation Zone Wonderful Venue”) to which Kathy Birt’s recent letter referred (“Bad experience inside the Zone”), I didn’t mention anything about security at the site. I do agree, though, with her complaint about security being unnecessarily intrusive.

While I wasn’t subjected to that kind of search myself when I attended the Paul Brandt country music concert, it was a bit of a shock to see security guards riffing through purses and handbags at the Zone entrance. That kind of screening might be necessary at airports or large rock concerts, but surprising to see at this kind of venue with mostly family oriented events and activities. It might be reassuring to some, but more likely intimidating to others as was the case with Kathy Birt. Aside from the screening, my impression was that security is somewhat overbearing and out of proportion to the need. It seemed like security personnel were everywhere, sometimes in pairs, constantly roaming around the grounds looking for trouble that wasn’t there. But if there were any trouble they would have been on top of it very quickly — with or without the aforementioned screening in the first instance.

David MacCallum,


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