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Editor: In the late 1990s I was referred to a skin specialist on P.E.I. about a wart growing on my leg. He took a quick look, shrugged his shoulders and said that it was nothing to worry about. However, if I really wanted to get rid of it I should make another appointment and he would “cut it out.” I was summarily dismissed.

Since it seemed to be of no concern and since I had no desire to let this man “cut” into my leg, I decided to ignore it.

However, a couple of years later I noticed a second wart. So I went for a second consultation with a different skin specialist. He, too, pronounced it as benign and of no consequence. He warned me that he was so busy with serious cancer patients that an appointment to remove this wart was almost out of the question.

Far be it from me to impose my minor problem on a man so overwhelmed with cancer patients. Again I did nothing.

Here in France, 12 years later, I noticed a third wart beginning to grow. I was referred to a local skin specialist who took one look and announced that she would quickly remove the offending warts with a liquid nitrogen treatment which might give a moment’s discomfort, nothing more. She informed me that they were in fact Plantar warts. Within a month the scars were gone and I have since had no further problems.

I feel that I hardly need comment further.

Anne Taylor-Murray,

Paris, France

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