Where are churches on VLT problems?

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Editor: Re Last Bastion of VLT control falls to parity, Editorial, August 22: In an otherwise excellent editorial on the politics of VLTs on P.E.I., one wonders why others (like the medical community) have not spoken out more often on the dangerous machines. More pointedly, why have the churches on P.E.I. remain largely silent? Where are they? I know that it can't be because they haven't experienced the fallout up-close-and-personal from VLTs among their congregations. They know better than most about the family breakups, bankruptcy, domestic violence, crime, health decay and poverty associated with these highly addictive devices. They should be at the forefront of pressuring the provincial government to rid the province of this scourge. But if turning these machines on Sundays won't stir the church communities to act, and to act on behalf of their own flock, then I guess they never will.

Peter McKenna,

UPEI, Professor of Political Science

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