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Editor: I would like to address the issue of abortion. I am not talking about women’s rights, reproductive choice, etc. but solely the issue of abortion. In P.E.I. we have two very opposing views on this heinous, brutal procedure (by now you have figured out where I stand). In answer to Mr. Smith’s letter the other day, I have to say that, no, we do not have a direct line to God.

But, as someone who is trying very hard to be a practicing Christian, we have an obligation to stand up and stop harm from being inflicted on another human being. I realize that not all are Christians and are entitled to their opinion as well, but, the law says that if we are seeing some one having physical harm inflicted on them, with the possibility of death, we are obligated to step in. The only problem we have here is that the governments of the day are more concerned about votes than doing what is right. They do not recognize these babies as persons, the same way that women were not recognized last century.

Make no mistake, these are babies, I held my own son at 12 weeks old after a miscarriage and he was perfectly formed, so please don’t try to pass of that it is not a baby. It is. Mr. Smith, thank you for your opinion, but please try to understand it from a Christian point of view.

Paul R. Chandler

Village Green

Geographic location: P.E.I.

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