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Editor: I am writing in regards to the August 1, 2014 article I read in the Guardian regarding “Drunk driver who killed woman in 2011 crash given parole.” I think it is despicable that Ray Cantelo will be let out of prison before his five-year sentence is up.

His five-year sentence was just like a slap on the hand to begin with. He should have gotten at least a 30-year sentence for choosing to get drunk on Saturday afternoon, October 22, 2011, then choosing to get behind the wheel of his car while impaired, then choosing to drive right through a stop sign, then hitting Stacy and Bernard Cheverie, killing 39-year-old Stacy and almost killing her husband Bernard, then choosing to just drive away like it never happened.

He also had the nerve to plead “not guilty” at first, thinking he could get away with this horrendous crime. He wasn’t even man enough to take responsibility for his actions. He put the daughter of his victims and other family members through months of anguish before finally admitting what he had done. The article in the Guardian stated the Parole Board of Canada granted Cantelo full parole saying he didn’t represent an undue risk to society. He definitely is a risk to society. Taking away the licence of an alcoholic does not stop the alcoholic from getting behind the wheel of a car and killing someone else. Cantelo at age 72 was old enough to know right from wrong.

What does this have to say to others who drink and drive? That it is OK? That you will only have to serve less than a year and a half for killing someone? Just because he supposedly behaved in prison for a few months and didn’t have access to liquor was not a good reason to let this killer out of jail. I am one of many who are extremely disappointed in the decision of the Parole Board of Canada.

Maureen Jackson,

Fortune, P.E.I.

and Arlington, MA.

Organizations: Parole Board

Geographic location: P.E.I.and Arlington, MA.

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