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Editor: It burns me up when there is bias reporting on any event or incident. Haroon Siddiqui's comment the Guardian, Sat., Aug. 2 " it's Hamas, not Israel, that's winning in Gaza" reeks of bias.

The Israeli ambassador to the USA cleared up misconceptions about the Gaza offensive. He showed actual photos on a TV interview that primitive and ineffective rockets fell short of their intended target and hit UN sites etc. in Gaza. Well that indicates Hamas is blowing up there own people. Hamas uses human shields and eliminates any opposition to their objective:(Destroying Israel completely!). Storing weapons of destruction in schools etc. reeks of inhumane practices along with sending rockets indiscriminately into Israel.

If Hamas would give up their objective: (Destroying Israel completely) and live in peace. Then blockades etc. would cease. That means stop building tunnels and building arms to attack Israel, most of all, cease firing rockets into Israel. What nation on earth would not protect itself by all means to stop rocket attacks on its own soil? Yet Israel does this as humanly as possible.

Here are some quotes from Deuteronomy: "Joshua must go with Israel to the land which The Lord has sworn to their fathers to give them, and you shall cause them to inherit it." "God kept Israel as the apple of His eye." A few thousand years ago God gave Israel the land. Israel is very important to end times and will never be moved from the land.

R. A. Jenkins,


Organizations: Hamas, UN

Geographic location: Israel, Gaza, USA Charlottetown

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