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Editor: I read the strangest thing in the editorial of August 6. R: the pro-choice group coming to UPEI. It stated “But it could easily be argued that the abortion issue is well beyond the realm of academia and enters into legal and deeply moral issues.” Excuse me but is that not what a university is for to debate issues of a legal and moral nature.  

The editorial goes on to say that it hopes the university does not pay a price for hosting this conference. That is like saying if the university holds a conference on the damage pesticides cause, Irvings will close their french fry operations in the province. It is worth noting that when the anti-abortionist held a conference it was in a hotel, not the university, nor in one of our main hospitals. Also, various churches are uniting this Sunday in pushing their opposition to the conference. Most churches used to do this to deny women the vote.

I cannot wait for the editorial about the distribution of the literature that was distributed yesterday by the anti-abortionist. It seems that Holly Pierlot and her group do not have the courage of their convictions. They knew exactly what this group would do but did not have the conviction or the courage to do it themselves.

Carol Capper,


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