Reproductive responsibility?

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Editor: Over the years, radical feminism has advanced an ever-changing justification of abortion. It began with ‘reproductive freedom’ — “Let me choose whatever I want, no matter who it hurts!” That was changed to ‘reproductive rights’ — “I have a right to choose whatever I want, no matter whom it hurts!” And now, the latest is ‘reproductive justice’ — “You owe me the right to choose whatever I want, no matter who it hurts!”  

Instead, why not talk about ‘reproductive responsibility?’ Why not: “I have a duty to myself, to my possible children, and to society, to use my sexual gifts in accordance with their meaning, and ensure that I am capable of fulfilling the responsibilities that will follow if a child results from sexual activity?” And why not teach this to our children?

Our culture has removed sexual relations ‘in theory’ from the security of a stable marriage and from having children, focusing instead on personal sexual gratification. But when a child results, and quite naturally from a man and woman’s sexual union, it suddenly becomes a crisis, something unexpected, something unwanted — and even ‘something bad.’ Then, as a culture, or perhaps as a group of international academics, we have the audacity to promote, nay, demand, killing the child we just created by our sexual irresponsibility?

Let’s get past the propaganda: Sex is good. Babies are good. Pregnancy is normal and healthy and natural. No one needs to be looked down upon for making mistakes or getting carried away sexually, but when a child results, it’s OK. There are worse things that can happen by far — like abortion itself, which kills babies and harms women.

Teaching our children “reproductive responsibility” will go a long way to restoring sanity on this issue.

Holly Pierlot,

President, P.E.I. Right to Life Association

Organizations: Life Association

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