Seaweed pie to the rescue

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Editor:I have enjoyed several of our Island beaches this summer, but there is one that I usually enjoy that was anything but enjoyable today (Aug. 3). When I just want a quick trip to the beach for a couple hours, I go to Tea Hill Provincial Park. While that beach cannot boast lots of sand and blue waters, there are a lot of people who like to go there, beside myself. Sadly, the beach I saw today and tried to enjoy is covered with seaweed for a very long stretch. This seaweed is nothing like I’ve seen before at Tea Hill (Beach). It spreads out about 30 feet wide and from one foot to at least three feet deep.

And when there is this much seaweed there are beach flies. I came hone with at least six bites that sting and itch for a few days. What I’m getting at is this ... Someone spent a lot of money building an amazing and well-utilized cricket field at Tea Hill Provincial Park, so why is there not any money to clean up provincial beaches? In fact, there must be someone out there who would have a whole host of uses for this huge amount of seaweed. With a little bit of research I was able to determine  the seaweed industry provides a variety of food products that can be used for human consumption and has an estimated value of US $5.5-6 billion. It has medicinal and healing benefits and what else? What about seaweed pie?

I’m just saying that I’d like to be able to go back to this beach a few more times this summer, but not in the state it’s in. Too bad.

Kathy Birt,


Geographic location: Tea Hill Provincial Park, US, Charlottetown

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