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Editor: Re: The Guardian: Carol Capper “Palestinians deserve help” and Marian White “Parties have blood on hands” (August 4, 2014).

Shame on letter writers Carol Capper and Marian White for acting as Hamas apologists in the pages of The Guardian.

Hamas is an outlawed terrorist group that in recent weeks fired thousands of rockets at Israeli citizens and who unleashed suicide bombers to kill Israelis. Hamas committed double war crimes by firing on Israelis while hiding behind Palestinians in schools, mosques, and hospitals. Meanwhile, Israel took unprecedented efforts to be surgical in its striking Hamas terrorists who embedded themselves and their rockets in civilian areas.

Israel also aborted attacks when civilians were in the area and gave warnings of impending attacks via leaflets, emails, text messages, knock-on-the-roof techniques, etc. Hamas, on the other hand, only encouraged Gazans to act as human shields instructing civilians to go to military targets to thwart attacks.

It’s said that when Israel “ceases,” Hamas “fires” and builds tunnels that end up underneath the dinner tables of innocents so that they can carry out massacres of men, women, and children alike. Commendably, Canadian political parties are not obtuse to Hamas terror and have moral clarity to stand with Israel.

Mike Fegelman,

Executive Director,

Honest Reporting Canada

Organizations: Hamas, The Guardian.Hamas

Geographic location: Israel

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