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Editor: Regarding “Restricted. prohibited guns could be carried on P.E.I. warns official” (The Guardian, July 26, 2014).

It is my opinion, and that of many others, that from start to finish the article shows complete bias against the ownership and use of firearms and blatant disregard for fact.

The article (the online version) is accompanied by a picture showing firearms, ammunition, money and drug paraphernalia, which has nothing to do with the changes proposed in the “Common Sense Firearms Licensing” proposed by Steven Blaney.

Furthermore, if CFO Vivian Hayward doesn’t understand the rules for the office that she administrates, should you be trusting or reporting on her words as the gospel truth?

The proposed changes do not make it anywhere close to the “U.S. style” of having a gun on their hip. The changes simply mean since I already have a licence to own a restricted firearm, why do I need another piece of paper to tell me what my licence already does?

Also, if that piece of paper is lost or not brought with me to the range, I will be sent to jail for a mandatory minimum of two years and cause the loss of my firearms.

The restricted firearms are already registered to me under my licence, the government has an inventory list of what I already have. They have vetted be by way of the Canadian firearms safety course, restricted Canadian firearms safety course, CFO verification of completion, RCMP background checks and interview process and a 28-day minimum waiting period on a licence, as well as a two to three average wait time for an ATT to bring back from the gun store any restricted firearm I purchase.    

So you see, this really isn’t the bloodbath you and similar media outlets try to make it out to be. All Mr. Blaney is trying to do is stop making technical criminals out of people who are statistically less inclined and likely to commit a crime than you or anyone else that holds a firearm’s licence.

Please, lets get one thing straight here — criminals don’t register their firearms, criminals don’t get their firearm’s licence, criminals don’t abide by the safe storage requirements that all of us firearm owners do.

I invite you to educate yourself, take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, if for nothing else but to understand the trials and tribulations we go through. Then maybe you and your media outlets of a similar mindset will write factual and informative pieces. I seriously question your journalistic integrity if you actually think this article was at all fair and balanced.

Kevan Manetta,

Windsor, Ontario

Organizations: RCMP, Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Geographic location: U.S., Windsor, Ontario

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