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Editor: Consistent with the reactionary populist ideological foreign policy stance espoused by Harper, Baird and MacKay for too many years — by which I mean the near total loss of Canadian respectability at the UN — and the systematic attack on domestic institutions (Elections Canada, Senate, Employment Insurance, the environment, native rights, etc.), Canadian Public Safety Minister Stephen Blaney announced new “common sense” gun laws July 23.

His idea of common sense is to ignore RCMP statements and put more dangerous guns in the hands of Canadians. Only Conservative party politics could place such nonsense at the top of the national agenda.  

But the really shocking thing is Mr. Blaney’s statement, “it is a right to bear arms in Canada.”

Which constitution did he swear to uphold? He later repeated the statement to an astonished Evan Soloman on CBC TV, removing any doubt about whether it was a mistake.  

A slip of the tongue is one thing, but to double-down on what amounts to an insult to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Constitution should lose him his job now or his boss at the next ballot. This isn’t a politician exercising the right of free expression — it’s intellectual treason.

What's next? The Stars and Stripes flying on the Peace Tower for July 4?

Kevin O’Brien,


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Geographic location: Canada

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