Many victims in Middle East

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Editor: I would like to suggest that Steven Harper, John Baird and Jackson Doughary read  “The Great War for Civilisation, The Conquest of the Middle East” by Robert Fisk.

This is a book about eyewitness accounts of events in the Middle East where the author has lived for 30 years. It is a chronicle of the death by deceit of tens of thousands of men and women — Muslim, Christian and Jew.

It is a fierce indictment of the policies of Britain and the U.S. And unlike Mr. Doughart, offers no simplistic and one-sided cause for the current crisis in the Middle East.

Mr. Doughart seems to think it is unprecedentedly humane to attempt to warn civilians of impending strikes. So an explosive on top of your house in advance of the strike is an humane warning. If you hear a thud on the roof a missle will follow.

Neither the Palestinians nor Israel are saints here, but for Harper, Baird and Doughart to paint Israel as a saint shows that they have no understanding of the Middle East.

Surely to bomb and take tanks into Gaza, killing civilians, destroying homes and businesses will serve no purpose but to make desperate poeple more desperate and drive the people of Gaza straight into the arms of Hamas.

Carol Capper,




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