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Editor: I find I am interested in letters from the ‘You Can’t Tell Me What To Do Club’ regarding not wearing bike helmets.

I do share a few of the thoughts expressed in one letter regarding the intrusion of government into one’s privacy (please refer to George Orwell’s ‘1984’ as an example). Somehow, though, I can’t follow the logic of exposing oneself to personal danger and life-changing injury, which would involve not only to the injured party, but to families, care-givers and our already over-burdened health-care system.

Even the sports world, which usually plays by rules, often requires protective equipment i.e. helmets, gloves, body padding, not to mention jockstraps (although these may be optional).

Here is a simple test to see whether bike or skateboard helmets are a good idea. Borrow a helmet and put it on properly. Next, positioning yourself in the ‘push-up’ position, drop your head on the ground from, let’s say, a foot. Now, remove the helmet and again drop to the pavement. Repeat the test as required.

Personally, I think the ‘no-helmet’ fine should be raised to $250 and should be rigorously applied by our police forces. Included would be those who wear helmets unbuckled. (Try the above test, the second time leaving your helmet unbuckled).

Persons wearing ill-fitting helmets or baseball caps under helmets should be given a one-time warning.

The reason I offer such a test is that some people have no imagination. Everyone can understand that some of the above may hurt, but they can’t seem to understand what it would feel like in a much-faster life situation.

Sorry, the rules aren’t only there for you. They’re also there to protect society from having you as a burden. Helmets aren’t that expensive. Don’t use your head.

Gary Walker,


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