A long fall for Mike Duffy

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Editor: Back when the first stories of Mike Duffy’s indiscretion broke in December 2012, my personal feelings were that the politicians in Ottawa would make this go away and Duffy would get off, so to speak.

As the stories continued to make news headlines regarding Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau and their apparent bogus housing expenses, as well as many other extravagances, the wheels of justice kept turning.

And now Duffy will face a total of 31 charges. The RCMP has done their homework on this senator, for sure. Now, while Duffy is maintaining “the truth” will come out, I don’t believe Duffy’s so-called truth will amount to a hill a beans.

Having said all that, I must mention that back in May while going through stacks of old magazines, I found a copy of IslandSide magazine, dated May 1990, with Duffy’s honorary degree from the University of Prince Edward Island as the cover story.

Also in this magazine, Duffy was dubbed the country’s most famous journalist. Perhaps he still is but for very different reasons. Such a tremendous fall from grace. His journey to the status of parliamentary reporter in Ottawa took many turns and I guess one could say his appointment to the Senate in December 2008 was the epitome of something he worked hard for and earned.

Sadly, he and his fellow senators, Brazeau and Wallin, a journalist as well, seemed to suffer with a sense of entitlement from the get-go. As we get closer to the two-year mark of that first breaking story, I’m sure Islanders, in fact the entire country, await to see just where the Mike Duffy saga ends.

Kathy Birt,


Organizations: RCMP, IslandSide magazine, University of Prince Edward Island

Geographic location: Ottawa, Charlottetown

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