Various stages of human life

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Editor: It is a widely accepted medical and scientific fact that human life begins at the moment of conception. From that point onward the individual goes through various life stages such as embryo, fetus, infant, toddler and so on until the end of life. A persons’ humanity is not determined by level of development or degree of dependency.  

The individual is a human being from the beginning because his/her parents are human beings and living things reproduce after their own kind. Further, each unborn child has his/her own unique DNA and is a living entity distinct from the parents. At the time of conception with proper nutrition and a safe environment it has everything it needs to grow and develop until the time of birth and beyond.

 Consequently, if at any time in which the child is growing within its mother’s womb an abortion is performed, it will result in the killing of an unborn child.

Kevin Costello,


Geographic location: Charlottetown

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