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Editor: All this talk about the temporary foreign worker program (it doesn’t deserve the capital letters most have given it) is getting a bit tiresome. There’s no winning argument to deal with it. This is simply the greed of the wealthy. They don’t want to pay a living wage to anyone. They think all people outside their tiny circle should work seven days a week for puny wages and no benefits. Unions? Bah, they wouldn’t dare.

This is simply the evolution of the rich and poor in the world. I heard the other day that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and a couple of other gazillionaires own more wealth than the 30 poorest countries in the world combined. The gap is widening and temporary workers are just another tool.

It’s amusing that groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent Business think they’re helping set government policy. They are merely pawns for the mega-rich, puppies who come running when their owners yank the leash. Their ‘yes sir, no sir’ mentality is pathetic really, but hey, if it makes them feel empowered, so be it.

To Island businesses owners who use the temporary foreign worker program, be careful how you handle it. You know there are no secrets on P.E.I., and if you disrespect workers this way, it will come back to bite you in spades.

Then we’ll have a ‘temporary business owner’ program.

Lloyd Kerry,


Organizations: Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Geographic location: Iceland, Charlottetown

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