Potato industry getting bad rap

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Editor: I read in the Letters to the Editor section the other day where someone stated that they have yet to see anything positive about the large potato industry on P.E.I. From other letters, there seem to be others with the same opinion. Maybe they should take a step back and take a good realistic look at how many people the potato industry employs, both directly and indirectly.

Now, if the potato industry suddenly stopped on P.E.I. and the people who make a living directly from this industry suddenly had no money to spend, what other business would be affected by the reduced buying power. To name a few, we would have machinery companies, car and truck dealerships, fuel companies, construction companies, trucking companies, grocery stores, clothing stores, hardware stores, communication companies, restaurants, entertainment venues, marinas, travel agencies, hotels, motels, government departments and the list goes on. And, because these businesses would see declining sales and workload, they would be laying off employees which would further reduce the buying power. It would start a vicious spiral downwards. And a province can’t survive if no one is working. And I like living on P.E.I.

As for the cancer rate on P.E.I., yes it is quite high but you have to go as far west as Ontario to get a cancer rate lower than P.E.I. I won’t give any statistics here, look it up for yourself on reputable sites and that way you will be confident that the information is correct.  As you head west from Ontario, the rate lowers as you pass each province. Do you suppose it might have something to do with the fact that the prevailing winds in Canada come from the west? The clean air from the Pacific hits B.C., and, as it travels east, it picks up contaminants from all the cars, trucks, cities, factories, etc. from each province that it passes through. This certainly won’t help the air quality when it gets to Atlantic Canada. As you know, when there is a major forest fire in Quebec, we smell it here.

Barry Martin,


Geographic location: P.E.I., Ontario, Atlantic Canada Quebec

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