Chemicals damage many life forms

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A farmer irrigates his field in western Queens County in this Guardian file photo.

Editor: Re: The Need to Compete in Saturday’s paper, explains the good side of potato farming to the media. I have yet to see anything positive about the large potato industry we have here on P.E.I. We are told that in order to compete we must have access to our deep-water well. Mr. Lawless, how about the survival of our families and the environment?

How about giving the future generations a healthy environment and clean water to drink. Giving the potato industry access to our deep water will be just another step in the destruction of the living environment on the Island. I am not a scientist; I am just a well-informed and well-read Islander who tries to live life in a sustainable manner. I do not understand the ins and outs of the production of potatoes, nor do I understand the science behind the living environment.

But, I do know that chemicals damage many life forms and it stays in our environment for a long time. Any person with a conscience and average intelligence knows that spraying these chemicals in our environment and on our food is terribly wrong for so many reasons.

Little P.E.I. has a cancer rate that is higher than the national average. That does not surprise me because potato producers are allowed to spray chemicals very close to our properties and our schools. Buffer zones simply are not enough.

Finding the perfect cancer cure will never happen because we are not doing anything about the cause. As long as we ignore the cause, we will live with this illness for a very long time. Why doesn’t our government or the potato industry do something about it? Money!

For them it is all about the bottom dollar and not about the environment or people’s health. Producers and governments have been brainwashed into believing that these chemicals are safe by the very corporation that sells them these chemicals.

Anne Gallant,


Geographic location: Kensington

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