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Editor: My wife and I have recently relocated to P.E.I. on a permanent basis “from away.” My wife has been here for nearly 18 months and I recently joined her. We are appalled at the state of medical care on the Island and the untimely and limited access to it.

The other day we phoned Health P.E.I. to check our status on the so-called patient registry so as to obtain a physician on a permanent basis. After waiting two days to have our phone calls returned, I was told point blank by a representative of Health P.E.I. that, “it will be years before you get a doctor.”

When asked what I was to do for medical care in the interim, I was told “go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room.” Has it really come to this for taxpayers?

My in-laws have been here in Queens County for six years and have yet to find a doctor, all the while being on Health P.E.I.’s patient registry. Others no doubt have similar stories. This is Third World medical care with a vengeance, and the politicians and the Island medical association should be held accountable for this unacceptable mess.

It is time for serious remedial action from politicians and the provincial medical association to rectify this situation, rather than spouting the usual self-serving excuses and rhetoric. Other provinces have had similar problems with respect to physician availability and waiting times and have successfully dealt with them.

It’s time for the province to get its act together. The public must demand more in terms of delivering high-quality medical care in a timely fashion.

The limited access to medical care here on P.E.I. puts us on par with some Third World countries. Importantly, the government of P.E.I. is not fulfilling its obligations under the Canada Health Care Act to provide equal access to medical care for all its residents. It’s time for people to consider a class action lawsuit against the provincial government, as well as holding the politicians accountable.

Richard Deaton,

Stanley Bridge

Organizations: Health P.E.I.

Geographic location: Iceland, Queens, Canada Stanley Bridge

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