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Editor: Dear Robert Ghiz and Stephen Harper:

The 2014 Celebration for the 150th anniversary is costing at least $29 million and I will bet my boots it will come in at $35 to $40 million by December 31st. That comes to at least $550,000 a week for 52 weeks.

We hear that the feds are assisting heavily and of course that makes sense since our federal debt is $1.6 trillion and our P.E.I. debt is over $2 billion.  Our elected officials continue to spend like drunken sailors.

Let’s be serious and sensible. We can never get an increased return in tourism spending any way near this amount. But the party continues with no way to reduce or eliminate it al all.  It's so far out of hand, it's a spending avalanche and when all is said and done, a two-day celebration with cake and a band and a flag raising ceremony would have easily satisfied us all.

No one enjoys a good party like we do but this excessive spending is outrageous. By the way everyone we have talked to feels the way we do.

We are told a Grade 1 class at Sherwood Elementary will have 27 students in September - that $29 million would go a long, long way to lower and offer a much better student - teacher ratio...

When will sensible, courageous, competent and future-thinking people take the reins and stop all this nonsense.

Maureen & Bruce Garrity,


Geographic location: Charlottetown

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