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Editor: Teresa Wright wrote about a media tour set up by Agriculture P.E.I. designed to fight back against negative PR farmers were getting in the paper’s opinion page recently. Wright explained that although Andrew Lawless didn’t realize they were coming, he was good enough to interrupt his spraying to explain that fungicides and herbicides are applied much more carefully and strategically than in the past and that he didn’t spray unless he had to, a claim made earlier this month by Gary Linkletter.  I would like to ask Linkletter and Lawless: If this is so, why have the pesticide sales for P.E.I. not been published since 2008?  Surely, they would want to show Islanders how much less is being used in comparison to past years. I would think the responsible and sustainable practice would be reactive to problems as opposed to routinely spraying every week.

Fish kills, declining bees, butterflies and birds should all be considered ‘canaries in the coal mine’.  Anyone who doesn’t see the connection of their decline to the declining health of Islanders is either in denial or simply too far removed from nature.  I am all for sustainable farming and realize change will not happen overnight, but the time has come for government to enforce sustainable farming by significantly reducing our pesticides and doing much more to encourage organic farming.  This is the only ethical and sustainable solution.

I wonder if we could organize a media tour to go around the various farming communities and talk to people like me who are faced with the choice of either staying inside on a beautiful summer day or risking being poisoned simply by breathing air, and who are afraid to drink the water from our own wells.  We promise not to be spraying when you arrive.

Joan Diamond,




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