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Editor: In the early 1930s Conservative Prime Minister Sir Richard B. Bennett negotiated an agreement with the U.S.A. Democratic (liberal) government to build the St Lawrence Seaway. The N.Y. Democratic governor was a holdout as to the signing date of the agreement. PM Bennett entered into the 1935 election hoping for an agreement. He was defeated. Shortly after his defeat the liberal Democratic governments in the U.S.A. signed the agreement with then Liberal PM MacKenzie King. It is pretty obvious even to the most naïve what had happened. This was not the last time the U.S. Democrats influenced the outcome of a Canadian election. In spite of the signing the seaway was never built until U.S. conservative President Dwight Eisenhower and Conservative PM John Diefenbaker came to power.

In 1962 U.S. liberal Democratic President John Kennedy tried to enforce his will on PM Diefenbaker by insisting Canada accept nuclear armed missiles. Diefenbaker refused. Influential forces in the U.S. gathered up support for Liberal Leader Pearson; another intrusion into Canadian affairs as Diefenbaker was defeated but Pearson was held to a minority government.

In 2014 President Obama, once the darling of Canadian liberals, has slowed a five year process to a crawl with his refusal to sign off on the Keystone Pipeline proposal. It is obvious that he is playing politics at home and with his neighbour, Canada. In the fullness of time the pipeline will be approved.

Canadians and PM Harper have learned anew that American left wing duplicities continue when the political chips are down. Canada and Harper are the stronger for it and our oil will help feed the teeming millions in Asia and provide a new strength for all Canadians in our quest to live in a free and independent country full of promise for everyone.

Garth Staples,


Organizations: U.S. Democrats, Keystone Pipeline

Geographic location: U.S., Canada, Asia Charlottetown

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