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Editor: It appears the only question being studied is do we have enough water to continue and expand deep-water wells to irrigate potatoes as requested in the joint lobby by the P.EI. Potato Board and Robert Irving, president of Cavendish Farms.

A third review of very narrow questions will do nothing to alleviate the fears of contamination of P.E.I.’s only source of drinking water. Tony Lloyd’s letter of March 19 entitled “pattern suggests link to wells.” Mr. Lloyd raises the suggestion of a possibility of  linking marine waters via the sandstone sub-strata, groundwater and deep water wells.

Other questions come to mind such as:

1. When the deep-water well is drilled into the sandstone, will the nitrogen and poisons from the ground water run-off not enter the deep-water supply?

2. Does the testing done on the safety of our drinking water test for all harmful substances?

3. Have the poisons and fertilizers already caused harm to all forms of life?

4. Will ordinary citizens and environmental groups appear before the provincial legislature standing committee?

I hope the moratorium stays in place until the matter is studied and if harm has already been done, I hope steps will be taken to reverse the damage.

Marion E. MacCallum,  


Geographic location: Charlottetown

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