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Editor: I could not imagine life without my daughter. I never fully knew the depths of love until she came into my life. Is this an argument against abortion — as Carmella Cheverie suggests (“Choosing Life Offers Blessings” June 6)? Not at all.

First off, having an abortion does not mean not having children.

Secondly, Cheverie’s sentiments infer a duty to procreate. You’re not conceiving now means the child who would have formed will never be.

My daughter is here not merely because we didn’t have an abortion then, but also because we had sex at a particular time. Having sex at a different time would mean a different egg and a different sperm. The result: we would have conceived a different child other than my daughter.

What about that poor child who would have given us so many blessings? The answer: Not much, unless we are immoral for not conceiving right now.

Malcolm Murray,


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